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MIND your hormones

Sep 1, 2020

Feeling like you're in a HOLE or a NEGATIVE PATTERN that just keeps GOING & GOING?!

EVERY ONE OF US has felt that at some point! ESPECIALLY IN 2020!

In this episode I talk about when I was stuck during quarantine and HOW I helped myself get out of it with 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

    • You need a FOUNDATION you can revert back to when things get CHALLENGING!
    • Not a SURFACE LAYER why. “I want to improve my health/lose weight/feel better.” WHY do you want to improve your health/lose weight/feel better?
    • WHO is going to BENEFIT from you showing up?
    • WHO is going to be NEGATIVELY AFFECTED if you DON’T show up?


  • Changing multiple things at once creates OVERWHELM & leads to GIVING UP.
  • Pick ONE thing you want to have in your routine & stick to it for AT LEAST A WEEK. IDEALLY, until it becomes a HABIT that you don’t have to think about!
  • Consistency helps you GAIN CONFIDENCE.
  • Consistency AND confidence =  RESULTS.


  • Tell someone your GOAL so they can check in on you & make sure you’re sticking to your word. Knowing someone is going to ask you if you did “X” will keep you showing up. 

Free resources & where can we connect more?!

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SO happy to be on this journey together! XO CORINNE