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MIND your hormones

Sep 22, 2020

This is the FIRST INTERVIEW episode on the MIND your hormones podcast & it's FULL of JUICY info. My guest today is Dr. Dylan Cutler who is a PCOS wellness consultant & has a Ph.D. in obstetrics & gynecology specializing in lifestyle changes for PCOS. But don't worry, if you don't have PCOS this episode is still for you!

Here's an overview of the topics we discussed:

1. Her PCOS story and journey: how she didn’t get a period until age 27, her history of eating disorders, anxiety, depression & OCD.

2. Plant based nutrition: How plant based nutrition SUPPORTS PCOS and how it helps fight Cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

3. Eating disorders & food relationships.

4. Depression & Anxiety.

5. Tips to naturally manage anxiety/depression, hormonal imbalances & PCOS

6. Types of movements that support your hormones.

7. Does fruit increase blood sugar?


A little bit about Dr. Dylan Cutler:

Dr. Dylan Cutler is an online PCOS wellness consultant who empowers PCOS fighters to achieve hormonal balance, regulate periods, enhance fertility, improve mood, and gain body confidence, without dieting or pills. She obtained her Ph.D. in obstetrics and gynecology specializing in lifestyle changes for PCOS. She is also a holistic health content creator, food photographer, fitness enthusiast, feminist, vegan, and PCOS fighter herself. If you’re ready to heal your PCOS, she would love to work with you. You can find her on Instagram @dr.dylancutler or her website where her ebook "Cooking with Compassion" can be found which features 30 vegan, PCOS-friendly recipes.

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So grateful to be on this journey with you! XO